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Tricia Lebkuecher

– Executive Co-Director

Tricia is the co-founder of Nashville Animal Advocacy. She became interested in animal activism shortly after going vegan in 2011 and has since dedicated her life to total animal liberation. Tricia is a feminist, a travel-enthusiast, and an unflinching optimist who sincerely believes we will see a vegan world in her lifetime. When she’s not traveling around the country spreading the animal rights message through her work with PETA, she enjoys spending time at home with her husband, Eric, and three adopted cats, Tofu, Gilly, and Ruby. On the rare chance she gets a vacation, Tricia enjoys exciting, animal-friendly vacations sampling delicious and authentic vegan food all over the world from Germany to China to Nicaragua.


Amy Pruett

– Executive Co-Director


Amy is the co-founder of and photographer for Nashville Animal Advocacy. She has a passion for all animals; to be treated justly, free from exploitation, and working towards animal liberation. She has experience as a veterinary technician and dog rescuer, mother of two daughters and a guardian to two rescued pit bulls. Amy has given a home to many rescued dogs, among other animals throughout her life, and her love for animals led her to adopt a vegan philosophy for the betterment of all of Earth’s inhabitants. Since becoming vegan, her natural reaction was to become involved in activism to further help animals.

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Ashley Roth

– Communications Director

At sixteen years of age, Ashley went vegetarian. She furthered her connection by going vegan two years later in 2001, popping up at protests and animal rights events all over her native West Coast. When she moved to Nashville in 2012, she was excited to connect with other activists through the then-fledgling Nashville Animal Advocacy. In addition to animal activism, she is also a lifelong writer. Those worlds merged at the birth of her first child, who joined her cat, Pandora. She penned her first children’s book: Tiny Tallulah and The Trouble With Zoos, where a little girl learns the truth about animals in captivity. And OF COURSE her daughter, Tallulah has been vegan since birth and frequents many of our events.


Tina Reid

– Financial Coordinator

Tina is a cat woman and a future librarian, currently working towards her Master of Science in Information Science degree at UT Knoxville. She lives in a tiny house in the woods with her six cats, enjoying nature and being outdoors. Tina rescues stray cats and helps with feral cat trap-neuter-release (TNR) efforts for Paws To Care at Austin Peay State University. She’s been vegan and an activist since 2015 after learning about the cruelty inherent in animal agriculture.

Haley Tamburo

– Secretary/Treasurer

Haley has a Bachelor’s in Accounting and an MBA with a concentration in Forensic Accounting. She moved to Tennessee from New Jersey in 2015. Focused on doing more for animals, Haley volunteers for several organizations including Animal Rescue Corps, The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and transports dogs to rescues on most weekends. As a mom herself, Haley became vegan because of her compassion for mother cows in the dairy industry and didn’t want to contribute to their suffering after researching dairy farms. Haley’s daughter and her chihuahua, Foxy have also transitioned to a vegan lifestyle. Haley enjoys networking and performing vegan outreach for a more compassionate world.



Julie Henry

Julie is a biologist, adventure traveler, photographer, activist and co-founder of Saving Wild Sumatra. She has worked as a wildlife investigator in South East Asia studying the impacts of the black market wildlife trade, a community organizer for Greenpeace’s Operation Tiger, Forest Crimes Unit, and Clean Our Cloud campaigns, organizer for Tar Sands Blockade fighting against the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, and lived in the backcountry of Montana and Wisconsin with the organization Wolf Patrol, combating against wolf hunting. In her downtime, she can be found hitting the rocks with her climber friends, or exploring a cave deep underground. She’s also obsessed with her cats, but she refuses to say how many she has.


Angie Baker



Angie is from the Atlanta, Georgia area and moved to Nashville in 2015. She has been involved in animal rights activism since 2013 with Georgia Animal Rights and Protection and became a vegan shortly after attending her first protest at the Georgia Aquarium, speaking up against cetacean captivity. She lives with three cats, all rescues, of course. All animals are her passion, but she has quite the affinity for cats and pigs.

Beth Tallent


Beth is a Clarksville native. Once she discovered the injustices and cruelty in animal agriculture, she immersed herself into learning about veganism. She was ready to take the next step in being a voice for the voiceless, becoming an animal rights activist. Beth is the organizer for the Nashville and Clarksville chapters of Anonymous for the Voiceless. She also organized Nashville's first National Animal Rights Day in 2019. She enjoys taking her 3 dogs on hiking trails; she's an avid cyclist, who also loves kayaking, camping and preparing vegan dishes for her husband and 3 children. She believes being an animal rights activist is the least she could do after spending so many years blindfolded, now she’s on a mission to end all animal exploitation.

Beth Tallent.jpg


Ashley Hubbard

Ashley is a Nashville native, freelance writer and vegan travel blogger. She is a lifelong animal lover who grew up around plenty of farm and companion animals. Taking almost 30 years, Ashley made the connection in 2016 and went vegan overnight before diving headfirst into animal activism. She quickly transformed her popular blog, Wild Hearted, to be focused primarily on vegan and sustainability showing others how its possible to explore the world while leaving a positive impact and without harming or using animals. She regularly takes part in local activism, visits animal sanctuaries and travels for activism events.

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Michelle Lebkuecher

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Tyler Glossup

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Blaze Azelski

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We would like to thank our former board members for their passion and dedication to animal liberation and donating their time and skills to our organization.

Nelson Schoenbrot

Meagan Larson

Rick Laitinen-Patel

Marilyn Castleman

Ali Brawner

Blake Hylton

Sandy Reid

James Hou

Maggie Rust

Sherria Ritchie

Lee Gitter

Kristina Hurlburt


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